Videos About Writing and Education

This is a link to a short film that my colleague and I created recently. Our goal was to problematize the idea that writing words or composing a film comes easily, systematically, and fluidly. We wanted to depict through image the idea that writing is a messy, confusing, rewarding, and often-funny process. (Warning: the first two-ish minutes of this film may not make much sense if you've not read the book The Web of Meaning by Janet Emig; however, after the first two minutes, the film is accessible to any watcher. Feel free to fast forward to later parts; or feel free to revel in the beginning-confusion.)


A thought-provoking vision of today's students…is this you?


Peter Elbow is one of my favorite writing teachers. Here Elbow talks about how he used to suck as a writer…and how giving himself permission to "make a mess" was the magic cure.

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