Unit Two Three Schedule

Rhetorical Analysis=RA
The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing=A & B
Essays on Writing=EOW
Student Guide to English Composition=SG


Note: Although not listed in each day’s homework, you are expected to work on revising previous papers whenever you feel inspired or get a chance to do so. Waiting until the end of the quarter to work on revisions will be a very stressful experience (not to mention probably ineffective!)—so save yourself the worry and do it bit by bit. My advice is to draw up a personal schedule for revising.

Tuesday, October 13:
Extra credit option, "writing with an audience" discussion, Journal entry #4, Introduce Essay Two: Rhetorical Analysis (RA),
explain/assign collaborative essay assignment due Thursday

*Contribute to the collaborative essay on our wiki. "Contribute" means add text, modify text, edit text, etc.
*Read A & B pgs. 41-44, 45-47, 55-56, 97, 122-123, 611-625

Thursday, October 15:
Discuss collaboration, group work: read Trahan’s sample RA and answer questions, conference sign ups on wiki, next week’s peer review on wiki forum

*Read “Writing to Connect” by Mary Pipher in EOW: this essay will be the one you analyze for the RA.
*Read a handful (your choice) of student RA examples in SG between pages 37-91.
*Sign up for optional conferences next week.
*Publish the first 3-ish paragrahps of your RA draft to wiki forum by Tuesday, October 20


Tuesday, October 20: Conferences with instructor. Regular class/office hours cancelled.

*Please critique 2 or 3 of your classmates’ drafts on forum (click “reply”) by this Thursday

Thursday, October 22: Conferences with instructor. Regular class/office hours canceled.

Week 6

Tuesday, October 27: Conferences with instructor. Regular class/office hours canceled.

*By the deadline of Thursday, October 29, at 8am, please email your RA paper as a Microsoft Word attachment to moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart#moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart.

Thursday, Oct. 29:
Introduce Synthesis essay (SG page 95), read together SG student essay example pgs 97-99, Why this example essay would be graded as a C grade, Q and A Game

*re-read page 95 in Student Guide
*You will synthesize three essays (all in your EOW book) which all shed different views on the issue of plagiarism. Please read:
Rebecca Moore Howard’s “A Plagiarism Pentimento”
Keith D. Miller’s “Redefining Plagiarism: Martin Luther King’s Use of an Oral Tradition”
Maureen Hourigan’s “Of Plagiarism, Paper Mills and the Harried, Hurried Student”
*Read A & B pgs 350-367 (this is really really important reading! Do this!)

Week 7

Tuesday, Nov. 3
movement/sketching, plagiarism freewrite (Journal Entry #5)

*Start preparing to write/or start writing your synthesis paper. Try using movement, sketching, or whatever method that will help your brain get warmed up about the topic…

Thursday, Nov. 5

Dialogue activity, the text as a living thing

*Read again all 3 plagiarism essays. Read for detail this time, not main idea. Talk to them and write to them.
*Write a rough draft (typed) of a MIDDLE paragraph you imagine including in your synthesis. Bring three copies to class Tuesday.

Week 8

Tuesday, November 10:
Peer Review: Speed Dating!

*Write 2 pages (at minimum) of your synthesis draft. Bring 2 typed copies.

Thursday, November 12:
Peer Review; wiki new page handout

*Synthesis paper due by Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 8am, as an email attachment to moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart#moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart. You will get your papers evaluated in about a week.
*By the same deadline, please post your synthesis paper (on a new page with a sidebar link; follow instructions on handout for how to do this). Title page/link with your full name. In addition to publishing your paper to that new page, feel free to add images.
*On Tuesday, Nov. 17th, we will not be meeting in McMicken. We will meet at our normal time in a computer lab in the library:
at LANGSAM ROOM 462. Please bring with you your completed synthesis paper (saved to flash drive, saved to your email, etc). Make sure that you can see it, refer to it, during class that day. You will be working with it, so if you can't "get at it," you won't be able to participate. Also, please make sure to bring your journal to class that day; I'll be looking at them. Please email me if you have any questions about this!

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