Unit One Schedule

Student Guide=SG
The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing=A & B
Essays on Writing=EOW

Week 1

Thursday, September 24:
Introductions, Buddy System, Course Policies and Schedule, Our Wiki: Getting Started handout, Placement Writing Sample

*purchase 3 texts
*purchase journal for in-class writing
*become a member of our wiki. See handout for step-by-step instructions
*read wiki content
*prepare any questions about course to be answered Tuesday
*read SG pages ix-xviii, 3-8, 10-11, 19, 23-28
*browse/flip through MLA documentation pages in A & B, pages 626-651

Week 2

Tuesday, September 29:
Play namegame again, Questions about course, Journal entry #1, Introduce “Reading, Composing, Responding"

*Your wiki screen name must be your full name (first and last), not a nickname. We need to be able to easily identify you. Many of you need to make this modification.

To change your screen name:
Click on my account (top right corner)
Click on “My profile”, then click on “change my screen name”
Enter new screen name in box and click “apply”
Log out and log back in again.

*read SG pages 31-32
*read A & B pages 19-26, 50-55
*read bell hooks essay “writing autobiography” in EOW—this essay will be the one to which you respond in Essay One
*Begin thinking about how you want to write first paper. Jot down notes. Brainstorm lists of ideas. Daydream about it while walking around campus. Talk it over with a friend.

Thursday, October 1:
The art of summary, Journal entry #2

*Read A & B chapter 6
*Compose rough draft of Essay One “Reading, Composing, Responding” (RCR) Bring 3 copies to class on Tuesday (one copy for yourself; two for group members to read)

Week 3

Tuesday, October 6:
Peer review: Offering advice about ideas and content, Journal entry #3.

*Read “Tips to Great Titles”
*Think about the revision ideas your classmates have provided. Play with and revise your paper: write new text, delete text, re-arrange text, re-word text, and think about how best to reach and persuade your audience. Bring 3 copies of your revised paper to class on Thursday.

Thursday, October 8:
MLA, Posting Papers to Wiki Forum, Commenting on wiki, Submitting papers to Mrs. Trahan via email attachments, Peer Review from 8:45-9:15am

*by the deadline of 10pm today, please email your revised paper as a Microsoft Word attachment to moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart#moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart.
*By the same deadline, post your paper to the forum on our wiki.
*For Tuesday, please read 2 or 3 of your classmates’ papers on the forum, and reply to them. Replies may take the form of critique, questions, affirmations, disagreements, suggestions for future writing, etc.
*For Tuesday, please read Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” in EOW. Take marginal notes: write gist statements, note “hot spots,” ask questions, express confusion or disbelief, agree with Lamott, define unfamiliar words.

How to publish your first paper to wiki forum:

1) Click on forum (left side bar)
2) Click “Reading, Composing, Responding”
3) Click on “create new thread”
4) Copy and paste your paper into the text box
5) Don’t forget to include the title of your paper in the “thread title” box
6) Make sure your paper is readable: for example, make sure there are clearly-defined paragraphs, by skipping extra lines. By the way, if somebody can figure out how to indent on this wiki, please let me know!
7) At the end of your paper, please write your full name and email address, so if someone is browsing the web (someone outside of this class), they can easily get in touch with you.
8) To comment on your classmates’ papers, hit “reply” and type your response.

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