Unit Four Schedule

Week 9
Tuesday, Nov. 17:
Library Day. Meet at our normal time in Langsam, room #462. Please bring an electronic copy or hard copy of your completed synthesis paper, and also your journal.

*read page 123 in SG
*read A & B pages 677-689

Thursday, Nov. 19:
Introduce Reflection piece/ group work

*Start composing reflection
*Print out and bring to class on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 3 copies of an essay that you are revising.
*Work on revisions over break.

Tuesday, Nov. 24: class canceled. Instructor out of town.
Thursday, Nov. 26: class canceled. Hug the people you love!

Tuesday, Dec. 1:
(Last day of class)
Portfolio Checklist on wiki, Spice It up Wiki handout, Peer Review on revision piece,
Course evaluations

*Please check your synthesis essay on our wiki to make sure it's readable. Many of you need to make clear paragraphs and play with the spacing. Also include a works cited list. Please refer to Jessica Weislogel's page for a model of perfect readability (pictures are not required—but they are a nice touch. Great job, Jessica!)
*Portfolio due by Thursday, Dec. 3, at 5pm. Send portfolio as email attachment to moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart#moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart. Remember to include ALL previous drafts with my comments/tentative grades. Publish reflection to wiki on “your page.”
*Remember to "spice up" your wiki page in some way. The deadline for this is also Dec. 3 at 5pm.

Reminder: You must receive a C- or higher to pass Comp 101. If you are concerned about where you stand, please talk to me. Also, the deadline for the extra credit is by Dec. 1.

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