Nov 17 Library Class

Tuesday, November 17th, 8 – 9:15, LANGSAM ROOM 462

*Please note that the Unit 4 Schedule is up on wiki. Please check this for the homework assignment for Thursday and other upcoming due dates.

This is what we’re doing today:
Before we move on to the final unit, the reflection paper, I want to have one more day of explicitly working with your synthesis paper. Today, please allow our entire class for quiet time to write a double-spaced 2-3 page letter (“Dear Mrs. Trahan”), where you lay out the difficulties/successes you encountered in writing the synthesis. Write this letter to me as a document of explanation that I can read alongside your text. Please help me read and evaluate your essay more generously. Please address none or some or all of these questions. Or make up your own.

• What challenges did writing this particular paper bring?
• What aspects of writing this paper did you find the most enjoyable?
• What happened behind-the-scenes in your act of composing?
• Which section of your paper is the weakest? Why? The strongest? Why?
• What aspect of your paper has the most emotion?
• Did you like or dislike working with the topic of plagiarism?
• Did you learn something new in the writing of this paper—or did this writing feel forced? Did you feel excited by new insights?
• What do you want me to know about your essay? What’s not written down but is important for me to know when I read it?

This letter will not be assigned a grade. Be honest! What do you want me to know??? By the end of class, please email me this letter as a Microsoft Word attachment to moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart#moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart. When you are done with your letter, you may leave. I encourage you to spend the full class time on it, though. You have until 9:15am.

Also, please pass to me your journals. I want to flip through them during our meeting today, to assign a grade to them:
My grading system for your journal is:

Great. (this is above and beyond the requirements!)
Good. (meets requirements)
Ok. (you could have put more effort into this)

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