How To Submit The Final Portfolio

Submitting the final portfolio

*Please submit portfolio to me by the deadline of Dec. 3, 5pm.

*Please submit portfolio electronically to moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart#moc.liamg|rehtaeh.nahart. Use a single email to submit; attach all papers as Microsoft Word documents. There will be at least five attachments (one reflection, two papers with my original comments, two revisions)

*Please see me if you do not understand how to attach a file to an email. You MUST send your papers as attachments.

*Include: two revised papers (you must revise, even if you received an A grade; there's always room for improvement), one reflection, and ALL previous drafts with my comments on them.

*Publish your reflection on our wiki; publish on same page that your synthesis essay is on. (In other words, when someone clicks the link of your name on the left sidebar, they will see both your synthesis essay and your reflection. Feel free to replace your synthesis with a revised synthesis. And, please be creative! Please jazz up the page with images or photos or in any way you feel reflects your personality and what you've learned about writing. Think of this virtual space as a showcase of your best work.

*In case you were wondering: each essay is given equal “weight.” In other words, each of the three essays included in your portfolio are worth the same percentage—so each essay is worth 33% of the portfolio grade.

*You must have WRITTEN all four essays (RCR, RA, Sythesis, Reflection) in order to pass this class.

Total Course Grade: 70% portfolio, 15% class participation, 15% wiki participation

You will not receive your portfolios back (i.e. your papers will not be commented; they will only be graded this time). Final course grades will be posted online to onestop by Dec. 15. If you have specific questions about grade(s), please email me and I will be happy to inform you.

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