How Do I Use This Wiki

Well, whatever you wish! (Really.) I encourage you to play around with this wiki. Edit text! Add pages! If you find an interesting YouTube video that bears some relation to what we're doing in class, then add the link or start your own page! If you stumble upon a New York Times article about the writing process, then please share it with us! Add interesting images, text, and your insights and questions to the forum.


With that having been said, with power comes responsibility. Each member of this class has equal privileges to add, edit, modify, create, and even delete other people's text. Remember there is a history of all changes; so we will be able to know who did what. Older versions of a page can always be restored. Please be respectful of information we all need (such as course schedules/polices). Later in the quarter we will be doing a collaborative essay, where we all contribute our writing, revising, and editing skills.

In summary, this is truly your space, our space. Maybe this wiki will challenge the mode of composition in which assignments appear to have low stakes because they are only read by the teacher. Maybe this wiki will help you see writing as a social and collaborative process, rather than as an isolated person sitting at his/her desk. In addition, maybe we will begin to question traditional notions of authorship and plagiarism.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License