Welcome to our wiki!

Greetings, class!

We will be using this wiki for our web-based communication. Check this site to retrieve announcements, links, and documents such as schedules, policies, assignments, etc. Also, this is the place we will collaborate and share with each other. My rationale for using a wiki has three main components:

1) To broaden and enhance the impact, excitement, and relevance of the writing we do this quarter. With this wiki, you will have the chance to have a "real" audience for your writing. This may be both a frightening and exciting proposition.

2) To provide both students and teacher the chance to learn this burgeoning technology.

3) I agree with writing scholar James P. Purdy, that wikis exemplify "many of the tenets of composition that the field purports to value" such as collaboration and emphasis on continual revision and communal knowledge formation.

Let's discover this wiki together, as a team. I am eager to hear your suggestions.


"I have learned that it is important to see writing as a social practice, embedded in social relations within a specific community, each with its own complex ideological and conventional practices within which individual students have to find identities as writers that they feel confident and comfortable with."
—Clark, Romy, and Roz Ivanic. The Politics of writing. London: Routledge, 1997.

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